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Kieran H

We had an ARG375 retrofitted into my Whitehaven 6000. 

It was professionally installed, and it has been faultless. Last year for New Years Eve, we used it on the Sydney Boat Harbour. What an awesome smooth evening we all had, whilst sitting amongst hundreds of other boats as they all rocked and rolled in the boat wash.

Kieran H  - Whitehaven 6000

Kent 22m Cray Boat WA


We are now comfortably fishing on all the heavy days, when the rest of the fleet are forced to return to the harbour. It has totally changed our operations with clearer, sounder readings resulting in more accurate fishing.

Plus our crew is less fatigued and able to move around more efficiently. It is also worth noting that there is very little damage to our product resulting ultimately in a more profitable vessel.

Kent S - 22m Cray Boat

43 O’Brien Matthew Chang

We installed one ARG 175T on our game boat 3 years ago. We can't speak highly enough of its performance, reliability and rugged build. It has absolutely changed the boat for the better! I wouldn't use nor recommend any other brand of Gyro.

Matthew C - 43' O'Brien

Michael Vawdrey 76' Azzura

Hi Damienn, thank you very much for the fitment of the ARG Gyro Stabilizer. They are fantastic, especially in following quarter seas, stopping corkscrewing. When we turned the ARG Gyro on, what surprised me was when we were loading our 1.5T Sealegs tender with our bow crane, they stabilise the boat and make it so much safer. The big boat does not layover at all now!

Michael V  - 76' Azzura

Barry Martin, Assegai Marine

Speaking with Captain Kilney, the skipper of Deploy the 58' Assegai. I asked him how the ARG375 was going, to which he replied "It is absolutely fantastic, no problems whatsoever!" It was seriously the best decision we made during the build of this vessel.

Thank you and keep up the good work

Barry M - 58' Assegai 

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