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celebrating 25 years in stabilizer innovation

why chose an ARG gyro stabilizer

Experience the ultimate sophistication in quality and design with Japanese precision engineering.
Our gyro stabilizers offer the ultimate solution at sea, allowing you to sit back and relax while we shatter boundaries and exceed expectations. With our state-of-the-art technology and expert craftsmanship, you can trust that our gyro stabilizers will provide you with unmatched performance and reliability.
Don't let a rough sea ruin your day, choose the best gyro stabilizer for your vessel today and experience the difference.

globally unmatched:
heat resistance
unlimited weather constraints
& support

experience the difference

why ARG clients are arg-for-life ...


comfort at-anchor and underway

The ARG Gyro Stabilizer provides your vessel with reliable peace of mind and highly effective stabilization At Anchor, or at Trolling / Slow Cruise Speeds Underway. 
Contact us today to get Sea Trial reports of vessels similar to yours.

Upgrade your vessel in the most important way - Comfort, Safety, Stability

installation simplified

  • save cost on gyro installation

  • installation can be completed within 1-3 weeks, with the vessel in the water

  • ​no through-hull fittings or sea-water cooling required

  • ​just connect the driver and bolt the gyro in place with the supplied heavy-duty hardware

turn it on and relax

The entire design of the TOHMEI ANTI ROLLING GYRO's is founded on the idea that Daily Operations consists of nothing more than turning ON the unit when you step on your vessel, and turning it OFF your gyro when you leave.

NO Maintenance, No On-Going Costs


unparalleled performance

  • ARG is proven over the past 25 years of service, to not only perform exceeding expectations but outlast our closest competitor by 4-6 times the lifespan.​

  • Ultra-Life Bearings, Fully Shielded Electronics and Drive Motor, and Flywheels made from the same steel as the material used for the Samurai Sword (Ultra High Carbon Steel), providing unparalleled service life, very-high tensile strength and superior anti-corrosive resistance.

we're so proud of our product

let's get you connected to our clients diectly.

Tim Dean

Owner Calypso

"After years and years of fishing some of the roughest waters, fishing for the biggest Marlin that swim takes its toll. The clients, the crew, the boat and the Captain all feel it after a rough day on the GBR. 

We fitted the ARG250T to the Calypso after many years of watching and listening to those that had installed gyros. Let me tell you it's the best thing ever! My clients, my crew, the Calypso and I love it. There is nothing like ARG. 

I'd like to say see you on the water but you'll most likely be tied up to the dock without one. Fish all the days you can. Fish 'em all with ARG."

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